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Ask Ed Davey Anything!

Well, obviously not just anything! But anything related to energy. Ed Davey, the secretary of state for energy and climate change will be online for a live chat from 10.30am on Wednesday 22nd October. It will be completely text based and you can ask questions in advance using Twitter #bigenergydebate So this should be an interesting session! Keep the date in your diary: 22nd October

Andy’s Christmas Speech! – the year ahead

Dec 23, 2013   //   by CK   //   ECO Scheme, Green Deal 2014, MCS Scheme, New and Views, Newsletter, Uncategorized  //  1 Comment

Andy on ECO Green Deal PAS2030 and MCS

A look over the year, and what to expect in 2014

Well, it’s certainly been an interesting year!

Green Deal launched, and unfortunately didn’t really hit the ground running, and although many thousands of green deal assessments have taken place, conversions to actual Green Deals has been incredibly poor, with 400 looking like an optimistic figure for the whole year, which is a long way from Greg Barkers forecast of 10,000.

MCS has also been on the downward slope of a roller coaster ride this year. With a mass exodus of approved installers not renewing their membership, particularly in the PV market, it’s not gone the way industry would have hoped. Couple this with the uncertainty of the renewable heat incentive which has been yearned for to bring understanding to the  market around Solar thermal, heat pumps and Biomass, and we have a sector which is far from stable.

Then we have ECO (energy company obligation). For many businesses whom have had any involvement around this sector, this has been a lifeline for economic stimulus, and has kept the wheels turning in the absence of other schemes, however, it has been far from a bed of roses. Like many new initiatives which look to bring work volume, consumer demand and high profitability, it tends to attract Sharks, and this has been no different.

Managing agents with little or no knowledge of industry, picking up a PAS2030 ticket, and then subcontracting out to installers, paying low rates and delivering poor work. Add to this the huge problems which have existed in the effective gathering of evidence and the submission of data to the energy company, and its been hard work, not to mention that its being reviewed at the beginning of 2015 anyway, which would raise the question as to whether it is really worth getting involved for such a potentially small window.

So more of the same for 2014…..

In my opinion (for what it’s worth) is that 2014 could be a defining year and hopefully a more progressive view for all of us.

In terms of green deal, clearly it hasn’t been as successful as we would have hoped, but its now moving forward and all the indicators are moving in the right direction.
The green deal installer database is slowly growing, The number of assessments taking place is in growth, and more green deal providers are now in a position to deliver a full green deal.

The autumn statement has pledged commitment to keep moving it forward, recognise its shortcomings, address them, and improve accordingly, a genuine opportunity.

MCS has more certainty around the renewable heat incentive which is already bringing interest from installers and we are seeing more businesses looking for mcs approval with heat pump, thermal and biomass measures which is encouraging.

ECO has been stretched and will now operate until 2017, and the sharks I spoke of are up in arms and already looking for their next ‘scam’, as it is no longer a get rich quick scheme for the rogue traders out there.

All the signs as I see it, are starting to shape our industry in the right way, and bring us what we really need, which is stability and longevity.

For those businesses (which includes us) who have been sitting on the fence, wondering which way to turn whether to make a decision at all, now we are all in a position to be more positive.

If you have been considering going down the green deal route to deliver green deal and ECO, but holding off for more certainty, I would say there is as much certainty as there will ever be, so Go for it !!

If you are considering MCS as a way forward, particularly with heat producing measures, there is more stability now, and I would say Go for it !!

Lets all have a great Christmas and hit 2014 with positivity and look forward to a great new year !

Merry Christmas to all



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