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Electric vehicles: can help dogs relax

Nov 18, 2014   //   by Kim Alviar   //   New and Views  //  No Comments

Do you have a noisy dog that can be difficult to settle down? And is there any chance you’re considering getting an electric vehicle?

A dog daycare centre in Midlothian, Scotland has discovered that when they transport their dogs in their new Nissan electric van, the van helps them relax and fall asleep.


“When we put the dogs in our old van to pick them up or take them home they’d just go mad and would bark and bark the whole way,” said Gillian Black, the daycare centre manager. The sound of the new vehicle is near-silent and is even effective on previously boisterous dogs. “They just chill out completely. Most of the time they get in, lie down and go straight to sleep. It’s clearly very calming and relaxing for them.”

The quietness of electric vehicles has also given a benefit in other areas too, for example the Los Angeles Police Department uses electric motorcycles to sneak up on criminals. They can travel around the city at high speed, chasing criminals without that thunderous engine noise that most people find startling or irritating.

However there is a negative point to their silent engines, they can cause accidents, which certainly takes out the ‘listen’ aspect out of the ‘stop, look, listen’ method before crossing the road.

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