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Feeling stressed with a lack of creative thinking? Get some tips from Google’s greener offices

Oct 17, 2014   //   by Kim Alviar   //   New and Views  //  No Comments

Feeling stressed with a lack of creative thinking? Get some tips from Google’s greener offices
So do you find that your office space is dull and dreary? Is your desk pressed up against a plain claustrophobic wall or is the view out your window the carpark?

Google have transformed many of their buildings and workspaces using ‘biophillic design’, which pretty much means incorporating nature and greener spaces, so not only to be an eco friendly building, but also to inject some work-energy into their employees. Some of Google’s workstations have walls of ivy, ferns and other plans. They have interior waterfalls and aquariums and windows that capture natural light and look out onto gardens. Ok, I understand that Goggle is a multinational multimillion Dollar business, so not all of us are capable of moving our workspace into neatly landscaped gardens with trees and waterfalls but there are certainly a few tips that we can take from that. Have you ever noticed how calm you feel after a stroll in the park, or a walk along the beach? Or how relaxing it is to listen to the sea waves or to sit in front of a crackling fire?

Getting close to the natural environment can help stimulate creativity and lower stress levels. So a few solutions to transforming your workspace could be to relocate to another room – a  room with a garden view that attracts a lot of sunlight. Or re-painting the walls and hanging nature-inspired photography and canvas prints on the walls and placing more plants or an aquarium in the room. And if you want a more drastic change, for those that work from home, office-cabins are becoming more popular, with flatpack cabins that can be self-built in your garden! Just a thought.

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