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Finally! Easy to open toy packaging

Oct 27, 2014   //   by Kim Alviar   //   New and Views  //  No Comments

I’m sure many of you have come across that problem where it takes light-years just to remove the toy from all that fancy packaging. It’s extremely annoying how those wires and clips are securely attached to the box, especially when you have an eager child begging you to hurry up so they can finally get their hands on this brand new toy. That’ll soon come to an end as major British retailer Marks and Spencers have recently announced that they will be replacing those annoying plastic and wire clips with paper ties.

This also means that we no longer have to separate all the packaging into what can be recycled and can’t be recycled. We’ll be able to just toss the whole lot into the recycling bin knowing that we’re doing good for our lovely earth. The paper ties work with a locking teeth design made with a 310gsm material which will help secure the toy in its packaging. As stated on their website, they aim to become the world’s most sustainable major retailer. And with this new paper tie invention, they will be replacing all their plastic and wire ties across their product range, where possible.

This great idea has just come in time for Christmas, which means less screaming children waiting to play with their Christmas gifts. Hopefully other retailers will soon diminish those old fashion fiddly wire ties, (it’s about time too!) which will also mean no more cuts on your fingers!

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