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The electric bike that you can carry in your bag

Nov 24, 2014   //   by Kim Alviar   //   New and Views  //  No Comments

Last week, it was about a quirky electric bike that had its frame made from wood. Today, it’s even stranger: an electric bike made from carbon fibre that can be folded up to fit in your bag! It’s called the ‘Impossible Bike’. It was designed by Phillipe Arrouart, an engineer from Paris.

Foldable bikes have been around for a very long time, but I’m sure not many people assumed that there will be a bike that can fit in your bag. And I know a lot of you are wondering ‘how much does it weigh?’ but sadly we don’t have the answer to that. But what we do know is that it can carry a person of up to 13 stone and can travel at 12.5mph for 45 minutes on a single charge so it may be a little inconvenient to have to top up the battery life before heading out again, but impressively it can fold up and fit into an average size backpack.

The Impossible Bike is completely battery operated. It takes about 30 minutes to fully charge. The aim was to make it as light-weight and portable as possible therefore it doesn’t have any pedals. So if the batteries did run out mid-way, it would be unusable. Extra batteries are currently being made for backup.

The height of the bike can be adjusted between 65cm to 80cm. It can also already be purchased at £241 for the white model and £258 for the black model.

Click here to see how the bike folds up…

Interested in backing up the project and want to make a donation? Just click here…

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