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For or against geoengineering?

Nov 17, 2014   //   by Kim Alviar   //   New and Views  //  No Comments

Imagine if the Earth’s temperature could cool down by the sun’s radiation reflecting back to space? Or if the Carbon Dioxide was captured directly and buried underground? Would these solutions give you a good reason to continue using your car and less of public transport? Would you become less conscious of electricity and energy usage?

In case you’re wondering, these questions are referring to ‘Geoengineering’. Geoengineering is a controversial aim of manipulating the Earth’s climate at a large scale. Its solutions can be divided into two groups:

Solar Geoengineering and Carbon Dioxide Geoengineering

Some examples of Solar Geoengineering can include:

  •     Forming reflective particles in the stratosphere
  •     Increasing the reflectivity of low level marine clouds
  •     Altering crops to make them more reflective

And some examples of Carbon Dioxide Geoengineering are:

  •    Capturing Carbon Dioxide directly from the air and storing it underground
  •     Fertilising the ocean to increase Carbon Dioxide uptake
  •     Large scale afforestation

Geoengineering is still at its early stages and more research is being carried out. Of course it has promoted many debates, as many think it is ethically wrong seeing that it involves interfering with the natural environment.

A study showed that those who are wealthy or has a self-image created from power and high status were more likely to go with the statement: “Knowing Geoengineering is a possibility makes me feel less inclined to make changes in my own behaviour to tackle climate change.”

So the big question is, what are your views on Geoengineering? And if you’re someone who isn’t against Geoengineering and have improved your behaviour towards environmental-care and climate change, would you continue with this behaviour if there were confirmed plans for Geoengineering to come into operation?

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