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Fancy living in one of these innovative, energy efficient buildings?

Nov 21, 2014   //   by Kim Alviar   //   New and Views  //  No Comments

Eco friendly buildings are becoming more popular, not just for the environmental benefits but they can be aesthetically pleasing too. The Gate Residence is a project currently being developed in Cairo which aims to be one of the most environmentally friendly buildings.

It’s going to be a very large project, being about the size of 65 football pitches, which will include 1000 apartments, four levels of offices and even a shopping centre. The project is lead by VCA – Vincent Callebaut Architects, who are highly recognised for their sustainable projects, so there’s no doubt that they’ll feel the pressure of maintaining their reputation.

“The main objective behind this urban proposal is to raise awareness of green sustainable architecture to fight against global warming in order to maintain an eco-friendly Earth for our next generation,” says VCA.

There will be wind turbines for electricity generation and windcatchers to help channel the wind into the building’s cooling system, so that air-conditioning units won’t be needed. It’s clever cooling system allows the air to pass through strategically placed wells to cool the apartments during hot weather, and to warm them up during cold weather. The building will also have its own waste water collection and recycling system built in, so that it doesn’t need to rely on other networks. Conventional solar panels can only operate with visible and infrared light. The Gate Residence will be using more high-tech solar panels that can operate with ultraviolet light too, generating even more power. For easy-cleaning, the panels will be covered by glass, which is also strong enough for the residents who have balcony-apartments to walk on.

The Gate Residence is truly a modern building that will power it self through it’s innovative eco friendly technology. VCA is aiming to complete the project in 2019. Would be interesting to know how much rent would be at these apartments…

Gate apartment

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