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Glacier National Park may undergo a name-change due to losing its glaciers

Nov 24, 2014   //   by Kim Alviar   //   New and Views  //  No Comments

Glacier National Park, located in the state of Montana at the borders of the US and Canada has been the hub for extreme sports and outdoor activity including hunting, winter sports, fishing, climbing and hiking.

But it has been reported that due to climate change melting away its glaciers, ‘Glacier’ National Park may no longer be a suitable name for what the park is known for. It is expected that its glaciers will be completely gone in 16 years. The park was established in 1910 and once had 150 ice sheets. Sadly, less than 30 now remain.

The park had many small ski areas, but as the Winters are shorter and the snow being lighter, the ski areas have been unable to stay open. And not only has the level of winter activities lowered, but the wildlife has been effected too. The bull trout population has decreased as the water temperatures have risen.

Below, is an after and before picture of the Boulder Glacier Terminus.
Left, taken in 1913. Right, taken in 2012.

before after glacier park

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