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Want a happier work environment? Provide free food

Nov 20, 2014   //   by Kim Alviar   //   New and Views  //  No Comments

We can all admit, we all love a good freebie! Especially with the cost of living increasing everyday, we can appreciate free food and drink. Large firms such as Facebook and Google are undoubtedly generous when it comes to ensuring their staff are well watered and fed. Their canteens are always filled with a variety of free hot meals, drinks and deserts. Apparently, it is said that Google have a ‘150 feet rule’ in which staff shouldn’t be further than 150 feet from a food outlet.
google canteen
So what do employers get back in return from providing free food? They receive good workers of course. Eating good food helps stimulate the mind, making you work better. And to know that a huge chunk of your wage isn’t being spent on lunch everyday also gives you that peace of mind.
facebook fridge
Now we all know that the smaller businesses wouldn’t be comfortable on spending thousands of pounds on providing free lunches everyday, but the idea can work on a smaller scale. For example, a travel technology company in South East London have ‘beer o’clock’ every Friday. An advertising firm in East London finishes work at 4.30pm every Friday to open up the bar serving cocktails, wine and beer.

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