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Norway’s untouched, idyllic fjord to be spoilt?

Nov 19, 2014   //   by Kim Alviar   //   New and Views  //  No Comments

Norway is always a great tourist attraction for its idyllic scenery and it’s unspoilt lands. But unfortunately, a mining company, ‘Nordic Mining’ wishes to dump 6m tonnes of tailings into a fjord, per year for 50 years. The annual waste would include 1,200 tonnes of sulphuric acid, 1,000 tonnes of sodium, 1,000 tonnes of phosphoric acid, 360 tonnes of carbonic acid and 90 tonnes of acrylamide as well as other acids, solvents and heavy metals including copper, nickel, lead, zinc and mercury.

The mining company claims that the waste will only cover 13% of the surface at the bottom of the fjord and although it will effect the environment, it will be temporary. They believe the waste would be more harmful if it was dumped on land rather than in the sea.

Of course the locals and conservationists do not accept these justifications. They believe the damage will be more devastating than what the mining company is saying. “The waste from the planned mine would smother everything on the bottom of the fjord. In addition, ocean streams would likely carry the toxic mining waste far from the dumping area, with detrimental effects on marine life” says a volunteer from Friends of the Earth Norway.

Scientists from the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research have even mentioned that the very fine waste particles will spread far from the fjord, polluting the food chain and harming its vulnerable ecosystem.

Seafood and fishing industry leaders and tourists have requested for further research to support the mining company’s plans, or the plans should be rejected.

The Government will be announcing a decision within the next few days.


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