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Who are QMSA?

John Martin – founder of QMSA (and recently nominated President of IDHEE!)

QMSA Ltd – Leading our sector with expert support in Quality, Certification and Systems since 2009

QMSA was founded as a sole trader business in 2009 by John Martin (formerly Director of Certification at Logic Certification after starting out many moons ago as a Heating Engineer) the intention being to provide consultancy to Certification bodies, however from the beginning the business became heavily involved in MCS and as a consequence John quickly realised the lack of information and support available to the small business and sole trader looking to develop in other areas.

As a result QMSA introduced MCS seminars which were hugely popular, following requests from delegates an MCS management system template was developed and other support services, we try and deliver cost effective, simple solutions to help small businesses function and compete in the ever changing landscape of legislation, schemes and initiatives. “We are not about getting rich quick off the back of the installers need for information and guidance.”

QMSA became Ltd as the business grew and through our ethos and recognition as experts at what we do, QMSA went on to support hundreds of businesses from PLC’s to Sole traders, including large scale projects to manage Gas Networks for EU Skills, supporting Certification Bodies through Accreditation, creation of a full end to end large scale delivery process for Grafton Merchanting GB and not forgetting our award winning Green Deal and ECO training program (GDER) which has been delivered to around 700 businesses! As you can see it’s not just PLC’s and large scale projects, QMSA supports the SME and will ensure we can provide support which accommodates all sectors and sizes of business within our industry. Notably, in 2103 we helped Shilling Oak, a small heating installation business, to achieve complete PAS2030 Certification and sign up with a provider, delivering ECO work within 5 days from scratch with no prior experience, surprising themselves at what they could achieve with the right guidance.

We continue to provide the most cost effective support available to installers as the UK’s leading Green Deal and ECO Certification experts and we want to ensure all of our clients benefits from the creation of networks and sharing of services.

We believe in ‘keep it simple’ and ‘keep it real’ that’s the ethos of QMSA Ltd, our products for Installers are pitched for simplicity and costs kept to a minimum. We have suffered to a degree because we

Andy Flook – QMSA Business Development and all round ECO/Green Deal Expert!

have kept our products and services so affordable that people believe they are inferior to far more costly options, this is not the case and our team have a breadth of experience that our competitors cannot compete with, we just price our products and services sympathetically, as former Installers we empathise with the small business and we understand that long term this attitude will help develop the relationship between QMSA and it’s clients to ensure we all prosper, our feedback and testimonials so far speak for themselves.

QMSA’s knowledge and experience is now recognised at all levels of industry and we support a range of businesses, including Certification bodies, Trade Associations, Industry forums, Green Deal Providers, Suppliers and Networks, and most importantly Installers, also representing their views when govt. chooses to ignore them via initiatives such as www.installervoice.co.uk

Our motto is keep it simple and affordable, we don’t create confusion and sell expensive “solutions” to it, we respond to govt. initiatives and our customers needs with easy straightforward systems and solutions designed for the likes of you and I, and specific to the size of our clients business and requirements.

Anyway enough about us, please enjoy the site, if you have any questions, get in touch.

Andy Flook


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